Natural Light Patio Covers

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natural light patio cover

Expand Your Home to the Great Outdoors

Natural Light patio covers, both ‘classic’ or ‘cathedral’ style, provide enduring protection from damaging UV rays, unbearable heat, and wet weather. The unique hanging rail allows for a variety of applications uses, from brick, siding, and stucco walls to fascia and roof top attachments.

We can  offer a versatile solution in the widest range of sizes at the best price. All of our structures can be fully or partially enclosed.
Our patio cover’s roof is available in glass or acrylic.

Create a  Home Extension with our Retractable Glass Patio or Balcony Covers

Enclosed outdoor room

Deck King is proud to partner with Lumon to offer this very unique patio covers and enclosures.

Balcony Enclosures

Balcony enclosure

Patio Covers and Sunrooms

Enclosed outdoor room at night

Architects and Builders

Commercial Building with Natural Light Protection